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MIUI Cleaner APK is a free, secure tool that helps you easily manage files, quickly find cleaner files, and share them with others offline. Slow phones are a nuisance for Xiaomi users. There are many reasons behind this problem. The main reason for this is that your device has created a lot of unnecessary files after a long time of use.

In addition to these files, Xiaomi Mobile collects lots of cache files, logs, junk, and temp files while using various apps, browsing the Internet, and even watching videos. It turns out that all these unnecessary files occupy most of the RAM. As a result, your Xiaomi device is slowing down.

Are you worried that your phone will slow down? There is no reason to worry more. We’ve found suitable apps that can help you speed up your device by deleting all junk files and cache. It is normal for smartphone users to have junk files stored on their devices. However, it is also quite annoying. Because it causes a lot of problems with your device. However, the way to get rid of it is a cleaning device that will clean your phone completely. Today I will discuss with you in detail such a device.

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MIUI Cleaner APK

Download Xiaomi Cleaner APK | Latest Version

MIUI Cleaner App is Xiaomi’s official app for deleting junk files from your smartphone. If you have an Android smartphone from this Chinese company, you are already familiar with this app. Because it is already installed on your smartphone. You can easily take care of the hidden process responsible for using the best Android phone cleaner app for slowing down your device. Also, it will remove junk files, cache, and other unnecessary documents without any hassle.

It works from increasing the battery power to increasing the speed of the device. A cleaner app can help you keep your phone uncluttered and well-organized. Thanks to this handy app you can uninstall many files you no longer need with the tap of a button. This includes loading cache, uninstalling app files, duplicate photos, and other items on your smartphone that take up unwanted space.

Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the most famous Android skins with over 300 million users worldwide. This is a heavy skin on Android and it focuses on providing a rich user experience. MIUI has loaded many system apps like screen recorder, calculator, and recorder. And you need MIUI Cleanmaster on your device to clear the cache of this loading file.

The funny thing is that it is very simple and easy to use. Just tap the scan button to open the window at the beginning. You will then have a complete list of all the files that MIUI Cleaner seems ready to remove. That means there is nothing for you to select separately. To determine what is and what goes, browse the results, then get rid of what you want with one click. When it was last updated, and where it was stored, you can see how big each file is.

Features Of Cleaner MIUI

  • Clear app cache, browser history, download folders, clipboard contents, and more to keep the device’s speed normal.
  • It also helps you decide if you want to delete what you want.
  • The hibernation feature allows you to stop running apps in the background until you open them manually.
  • Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications hassle-free.
  • You can easily control your RAM and internal storage space.

Download Ans Install MIUI For iOS & Android

This amazing cleaning manager MIUI easily supports all Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Mi Cleaner APK (Android App) - Free Download Latest Version (12.9 MB)

Previous Versions Of MIUI Cleaner APK

12.3 MBAPK

12.2 MBAPK

Additional Information:

Size25.22 MB
Op. SystemAndroid
Offered ByNox Ltd.
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Download MIUI Cleaner APK on your device now to keep your mobile clear and hang-free.


Q: What is the Redmi Cleaner app?

A: The Redmi Cleaner app is an application developed by Xiaomi for its Redmi smartphones. It is designed to help users optimize and clean their device by removing junk files, freeing up storage space, and enhancing overall performance.

Q: Why is the MI Cleaner app missing from my Xiaomi device?

A: There could be several reasons why the MI Cleaner app is missing from your Xiaomi device. It is possible that the app was accidentally uninstalled or disabled. Additionally, some device models or MIUI versions might not include the MI Cleaner app by default.

Q: Can I find a modded version (MOD APK) of the MI Cleaner app?

A: It is not recommended to search for or use modded versions (MOD APKs) of the MI Cleaner app or any other official Xiaomi app. These modified versions are not developed or supported by Xiaomi, and they can pose security risks to your device. It’s always advisable to use official and trusted versions of applications.

Q: How can I update the Xiaomi Cleaner app on my device?

A: To update the Xiaomi Cleaner app on your device, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your Xiaomi device.
  • Scroll down and select “Apps” or “Applications.”
  • Locate and tap on the “Cleaner” or “MI Cleaner” app.
  • In the app info screen, you should find an “Update” or “Check for updates” option. Tap on it.
  • If an update is available, follow the prompts to download and install the latest version of the Xiaomi Cleaner app.

Q: How can I remove the “com.miui.cleaner” package from my Xiaomi device?

A: Removing the “com.miui.cleaner” package from your Xiaomi device may require advanced knowledge and can potentially cause issues with the system. It is generally not recommended to remove system packages unless you are certain of the consequences. If you have concerns about the package, it is advisable to contact Xiaomi support or seek assistance from knowledgeable individuals.

Q: Why am I seeing ads in the Xiaomi Cleaner app?

A: The presence of ads in the Xiaomi Cleaner app can occur due to various reasons. Xiaomi often includes ads in its MIUI system apps to support the development and maintenance of the software. While some ads can be intrusive, Xiaomi provides options within the MIUI settings to customize the ad experience, such as opting out of personalized ads.

Q: Where can I find the MIUI Cache Cleaner APK?

A: The MIUI Cache Cleaner APK is not publicly available for direct download from Xiaomi or official sources. Xiaomi generally distributes its system apps through the MIUI firmware bundled with its devices. It is recommended to use the pre-installed version of the MIUI Cache Cleaner on your Xiaomi device or obtain official updates through the appropriate channels.

Q: Is there a similar cleaner app for Realme smartphones?

A: Yes, Realme smartphones have their own built-in cleaner app called “Realme Cleaner.” It serves a similar purpose to the MI Cleaner app on Xiaomi devices and offers features to clean junk files, optimize performance, and free up storage space. Realme Cleaner is specifically designed for Realme devices and is available in the system settings or app drawer.

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