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IDM Download Manager is a lightweight and decent browser so you can easily search for what you want when you install it. The Internet is a great medium for being around the world today. No one can imagine the slightest time without the internet.

Because all our personal or official work now needs internet. If you want to keep pace with the world, you have to update yourself all the time. And if you can’t do that, you will be left behind. But even with the update, if you have no idea about all the issues, you will fall behind.

The issue of downloading is much more related to the Internet. Because we download everything we need through an internet connection. Many of us have had bad experiences downloading. One of the reasons is not using the right software.

If you want to properly download the documents or files you need, you must use the right software. Where your download will not feel any trouble but will be able to work very smoothly. And today I will discuss such a download manager for you. If you use the software, all the download processes will be easy and perfect.

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IDM Download Manager

About IDM Download Manager

IDM Internet Download Manager is actually an Android browser that has very basic features for its download manager. You can select the folder in which you want to download your file, the name you want to use, and so on. You would be really surprised at how fast IDM downloads your files. The software will also repair and restart downloads interrupted by network problems, lost connections, unexpected power outages, or computer shutdowns.

After installing the “IDM Integration Module” browser extension, all you need to do is continue surfing the Internet. You will be amazed at how easy it is to download from the websites of your choice. After you open the software, you will see a “Download with IDM” button. You can also minimize this button to customize the download panel in the IDM Settings → General tab → browser.

In addition to the integrated download manager, the features of IDM Download are minimal and include. You can basically browse using a camouflage mode. There may also be different tabs open, although other tabs are not particularly easy to access. It can connect to the Internet at a specific time and download the files you want. It may disconnect or shut down your computer when disconnected.

You can synchronize changes using periodic synchronization of files. For download or synchronization, it is possible to create and schedule several download rows. You can choose the buttons, orders, and columns that appear in the main IDM window. There are different skins for toolbars with different button styles. Users can design their own skin as per their choice. You can also choose dark or light IDM themes.

Top Features Of IDM

  • Delete your browsing cache, history, and cookies with a few clicks.
  • A webpage has a website grabber to download all static files such as videos or music.
  • IDM is the best way to refresh expired links. It is also very useful for downloading videos.
  • Download videos, music, movies, and other files directly to the SD card.
  • There are batch downloaders to download files with patterns such as music or videos.
  • There are multi-language and multi-themes for everyone’s use.

Download And Install IDM For iOS & Android

This interesting download manager IDM easily supports all Android games on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Internet Download Manager Download for Android Latest Version (6.2 MB)

Previous Versions Of IDM Download Manager






Additional Information:

AuthorInternet Download Manager, Ton
Size1.95 MB
Op. SystemAndroid
Offered ByMobile Download Manager
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

If you want to browse the internet in a wonderful and unadulterated way, download IDM Download Manager on your device now.


Q: Is IDM (Internet Download Manager) free for life without purchase or registration?

A: No, IDM is not free for life without purchase or registration. It is commercial software that requires a valid license to use beyond the trial period.

Q: Where can I download IDM?

A: You can download IDM from the official website of the software or from reputable software download websites.

Q: What is the IDM license agreement?

A: The IDM license agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions for using the software. It specifies the rights and restrictions imposed on the user, such as the allowed number of installations, usage limitations, and copyright information.

Q: How can I reset the IDM trial?

A: Resetting the IDM trial period is not a legitimate practice and violates the software’s terms of use. It is recommended to purchase a license if you wish to continue using IDM after the trial period ends.

Q: Is there a 64-bit version of Free Download Manager available?

A: Yes, Free Download Manager (FDM) is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can choose the appropriate version based on your operating system.

Q: Is there a free alternative to IDM for managing downloads?

A: Yes, there are several free download managers available that offer similar functionalities to IDM. Some popular options include Free Download Manager (FDM), EagleGet, and JDownloader.

Q: What is the best download manager for PC?

A: The best download manager for PC can vary depending on individual preferences and requirements. Some popular choices among users include IDM, Free Download Manager (FDM), Internet Download Accelerator, and Xtreme Download Manager (XDM).

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