Top 10 Best Health & Fitness Apps (Must-Try) For Android 2024

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In the fast-paced digital era, our smartphones have become indispensable tools for managing various aspects of our lives, including our health and fitness. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner on a wellness journey, the Android platform offers a plethora of health and fitness apps to help you achieve your goals.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 health and fitness apps for Android in 2024, each designed to enhance your well-being and make fitness a seamless part of your lifestyle.

Top 10 Best Health And Fitness Apps

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Health and fitness apps are software applications designed to assist users in managing and improving their overall health and wellness. These apps leverage the capabilities of smartphones and other mobile devices to provide a range of features and functionalities that cater to various aspects of physical and mental well-being.

Health and fitness apps aim to empower individuals to lead healthier lifestyles, achieve fitness goals, and monitor their overall health with ease.

10 Best Popular Health & Fitness Apps

Here are the top 10 health & fitness apps that are mostly played by users. Read those and choose your best one. Hope you enjoying these.



MyFitnessPal is a powerhouse app that combines a calorie counter, an exercise tracker, and a supportive community. With its vast food database and intuitive interface, it’s an excellent tool for managing your nutrition and fitness goals.

Nike Training Club:

Nike Training Club:

Elevate your workout routine with Nike Training Club. This app offers a variety of guided workouts, ranging from strength training to yoga, all designed by professional trainers. With personalized recommendations, it adapts to your fitness level and goals.



Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, Strava is a top-rated app for tracking and analyzing your runs, rides, and swims. Connect with a global community, compete in challenges, and stay motivated to reach your fitness milestones.



Health is not just about physical fitness; mental well-being is equally important. Headspace provides guided meditation sessions and sleep aids to help you manage stress, improve focus, and get a good night’s rest.

7 Minute Workout:

7 Minute Workout

For those with a busy schedule, the 7 Minute Workout app is a game-changer. Offering quick yet effective workouts, this app is designed to maximize results in a short amount of time, making it ideal for anyone on the go.



Runtastic is a comprehensive fitness tracker that specializes in running and walking activities. With features like GPS tracking, audio coaching, and social sharing, it’s a reliable companion for runners of all levels.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax:

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm is another excellent meditation app that focuses on relaxation and mindfulness. From guided meditations to sleep stories, Calm helps you unwind, reduce stress, and improve your overall mental health.



Tailored for strength training enthusiasts, Fitbod creates personalized workout plans based on your fitness goals, available equipment, and muscle recovery. It’s an intelligent fitness companion for those looking to build strength and tone muscle.

Lose It!:

Lose It!

Lose It! is a user-friendly calorie counter that helps you achieve weight loss goals through tracking food intake and exercise. With a barcode scanner and meal planning features, it simplifies the process of maintaining a healthy diet.

Google Fit:

Google Fit

Google Fit serves as a central hub for tracking your health and fitness activities. It integrates with various fitness apps and devices, providing a holistic view of your well-being. Set goals, monitor progress, and stay motivated with Google Fit.

How To Use The Apps?

Using health and fitness apps is generally straightforward, but the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the app’s design and features. Here is a general guide on how to use health and fitness apps:

  • Download and Install
  • Create an Account
  • Set Up Your Profile
  • Explore the App Interface
  • Customize Preferences
  • Start Tracking
  • Log Nutrition
  • Follow Workout Plans
  • Join Challenges or Community
  • Monitor Progress
  • Sync with Wearables (if applicable)
  • Adjust and Iterate

How To Download & Install on Android & iOS

Downloading and installing the apps on both Android and iOS devices is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide for each platform:

For Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Search for the app
  • Select the app
  • Download and Install
  • Launch the app

For iOS:

  • Open the App Store
  • Search for the app
  • Select the app
  • Download and Install
  • Wait for Installation
  • Launch the app


Q: What are the primary benefits of using these applications?

A: Health and fitness apps offer a range of benefits, including personalized workout plans, nutrition tracking, goal setting, community support, and tools for improving both physical and mental well-being.

Q: Can I use these apps as a beginner?

A: Many health and fitness apps cater to users of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Look for apps that offer introductory workouts and customizable plans based on your fitness level.

Q: How do I choose the right app for my specific health and wellness goals?

A: Consider your fitness objectives, preferred activities, and the features that matter most to you. Read user reviews, explore app descriptions, and try a few apps to find the one that aligns with your needs.

Q: Are these apps suitable for tracking specific activities like running or weightlifting?

A: Yes, many apps specialize in tracking specific activities such as running, cycling, strength training, or yoga. Choose an app that aligns with your preferred type of exercise.

Q: Can these apps help with weight loss and nutrition management?

A: Absolutely. Many health and fitness apps include features for tracking calories, logging meals, and setting weight loss goals. They can provide valuable insights into your nutritional habits.


Embark on your health and fitness journey with the aid of these top-notch Android apps. Whether you’re aiming to shed a few pounds, boost your endurance, or prioritize your mental health, there’s an app on this list to suit your needs.

Download one or more of these apps today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Your best self awaits – unlock it with the help of these incredible health and fitness apps!

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