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Pokemon is a name familiar to many of us. We are also familiar with many game series with this name. Pokemon HOME App is super popular for online gamers. The games of this series gained immense popularity after coming to the market. Due to its popularity, the developers launched many versions with different names and different features.

One of the names that many of us do not know is very popular. Pokemon Home App is a great and excellent cloud service for Pokemon trainers. From the Pokemon Core series, the Epic Role Playing franchise now lets you save your Pokdex. This will allow you to bring specific Pokemon to Pokemon console games like Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield from your mobile device.

Here you can trade with other players in real time. GTS and Wonderbox can allow you to get a random Pokemon or specify which Pokemon you want to receive, respectively. You can complete your national Pokedex with Pokémon HOME. Here each Pokemon has its own skill and power profile.

In other words, by checking the profile, you can continue your game with the powerful Pokemon of your choice. However, we suggest that you should know about it before using it. No worries, as full details, features, and download methods are provided in this post.

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Pokemon HOME App

About Pokemon HOME APK (Latest Version)

Pokemon Bank To Pokemon Home is imaginative, all the information about Pokemon that has appeared in any game since Saga. You can even take specific Pokemon to your Pokemon Sword or Shield game through the Pokemon Home version for the Nintendo Switch. When you first open it, you can choose your avatar and your starting Pokemon to your liking.

You get a nice 3D presentation of all the Pokemon in your Pokedex. Also, you can easily find their features, list of attacks, and history. But you can even hear it if you tap on the actual Pokemon. You can specify which boxes you want to sync. It can get you more Pokemon than you need. This is because you cannot curate the batch you want to transfer. This is necessary to consider because Pokemon cannot be brought back to the bank.

You can deposit up to 6,000 Pokemon at the Pokemon Bank To Home. You’ll need to create the Move Pokemon key from the Options menu, once you’re ready to complete the transfer. The homepage of the app is basically called your room. Because here, you can see the friends who use the app, the challenges you can join, and Pokemon Home-related news.

After you access your Pokemon you will see that your Pokédexes are divided into two groups. One to trade and the other to keep. Each of you owns a wide range of owned Pokemon. Where you can see its statistics, movements, nature, and features. The bottom of the profile shows which Pokemon games it can connect with and which tape you’ve got.

Top Features Of HOME Pokemon

  • You can use a new system to move Pokemon and trade Pokemon here.
  • It can be called the Global Trade Station (GTS) for trading with players worldwide.
  • Here players can easily connect all their Pokemon games through the National Pokedex.
  • Premium plan users can access the judge option, which lets you see the power of your Pokemon in various areas in different ways.
  • Be able to see power and driving skills. Also, give you a mystery gift.
  • If you collect a lot of Pokemon, this may not be a problem.

Download Ans Install Textnow For iOS & Android

This awesome gaming software supports hassle-free on any of your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Pokémon HOME for Android - Download the APK Latest Version (83.0 MB)

Previous Versions Of Pokemon HOME App

79.1 MBAPK

74.1 MBAPK

74.1 MBAPK

74.1 MBAPK

74.1 MBAPK

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71.9 MBAPK

Additional Information:

Current VersionVaries with device
Size73.96 Mb
Op. SystemAndroid
AuthorThe Pokemon Company
Architecturearmeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Put the Pokemon HOME App on your device to get some fancy features of the Pokemon series.


Q: How can I download the Pokémon HOME app?

A: To download the app, you can visit the official website of Pokémon or go to your respective app store for your device.

Q: How can I download Poké HOME on my PC?

A: Unfortunately, it is not available as a standalone application for PC. It is primarily designed for use on mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch.

Q: How can I download Po HOME on iOS?

A: To download Pokémon on iOS, you can visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for “Pokémon HOME.” From there, you can proceed with the installation.

Q: Is there a Pokémon HOME APK available for download?

A: It is strongly recommended to download Pokémon from official app stores to ensure the app’s authenticity and security. Downloading APK files from unofficial sources may pose risks to your device’s security and your personal information.

Q: Why is Pokémon HO down?

A: Pokémon might experience temporary downtime due to server maintenance or technical issues. If the service is down, it is advisable to wait for the issue to be resolved or check official Pokémon channels for updates on the situation.

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