Pinatamasters 1.3.12 APK + Mod (Unlimited money) for Android

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Pinatamasters Mod APK is a popular game that can be downloaded on the Android, iOS, and Blackberry platforms. In this game, players must collect the most pinatamas in order to win.

Although there are free versions of the game available for download and play, paying customers may choose to upgrade their experience levels. This requires in-game purchases or real-world currency to purchase pinatamas for the player.

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Size:107.06 MB
Android version:5.0 and up
Developer:Casual Azur Games

Pinatamasters Mod APK

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coins/gems 1.3.12 APK

Information about Pinatamasters can be found in their respective files.

A pinata is a box-shaped structure made of cloth and waste paper filled with games and candies. It often appears at Mexican and Latin American festivals. During the carnival, people frequently dangle and batter the candy until it shatters. This carnival game entertains both children and adults alike. Children enjoy this game because they receive candies and toys from the pinata when someone breaks it open. Download the game to your phone and participate in Pinatamasters— a lively and fun Mexican traditional festival atmosphere.

A highly addictive game.

During birthday parties and festivals, children recognize the image of the pinata. It resembles a Playgendary game called Kick the Buddy; instead of attacking a teddy bear, it must be hit until it drops coins. Next, you can advance to a higher level when dealing damage enough. This allows you to change your style and weapons. In this game, you can encounter Buddy again.

No matter how the pinata appears to you, you always have the same mission. This toy can contain any kind of animal or cartoon character from Cartoon Network. Although they react amusingly to being hit, they don’t continue to fight. As a result, playing this game isn’t a matter of life or death. Specifically, it’s best to take pleasure in the game’s humor instead of obsessing over winning or losing.

The game is currently free to play for all Android users, and will remain free as long as you keep playing. Get immersive in the world of Pinatamasters. Users who like to play this game also downloaded Shopping Manager: Idle Mall, Yellow Ball, Black Pink Mix Tiles Hop, New World:Vigour Voyage, LexiDash – Frantic Word Fun!, to enjoy interesting and rewarding experiences with unlimited money and skills.

Pinatamasters is definitely a great app for you to enjoy. Users who downloaded and used this effective tool also like LMJ1 Siswa, Bac Moyenne – Calculer Votre M, ESCOMobile, PumaMóvil, SIPANA BPBD BALANGAN, etc. efficient tools with unlocked premium and VIP gold features.

Weapons come standard with the ship.

Traditional carnival games require participants to beat a pinata with a stick. However, Pinatamasters participants can choose between several weapon options before starting the game with a stick. These options include knives, shotguns, swords, shotguns and many other types of weapons. Some options also include heavy weapons such as grenades or plasma guns. Certain pinatas require temporary shields to be defeated. These temporary shields often appear in some levels. If you attack it, your damage is nullified. Look for coins that fall after each attack; maneuver skillfully and shoot at parts of the enemy that aren’t protected.


The beautiful and colorful 2D graphics in Pinatamasters are like a cartoon for children. The game’s simple gameplay still impresses many people. The game’s sound and theme combine to create the impression of a strange and surreal birthday celebration.

Lucky materials.

In Mexican festivals, people always try to get as many sweets and toys from the Pinatas they’re given as possible. This is because receiving gifts from the Pinata— even if they’re just scraps, fabric or ceramic — will give them great luck and fortune. This is due to the fact that other action-adventure games don’t have an emphasis on destroying their ferocious beast; rather, they’re focused on hunting down specific animals. The next level requires more coins than you currently have. You must defeat this animal with a weapon and use a touch screen move to attack. A hovering creature will always appear above your head as you attack.

The scope of the flexibly mobile creature’s movement is vast.

The game provides a limited number of bullets for each type of combat weapon. Consequently, accuracy when aiming and moving in the game is important. By quickly moving and aiming accurately, players can conserve ammunition and finish the round before it ends. A Pinata status bar appears at the top of the display.

When it’s filled up, that indicates the mascot has completed a round. To calculate how fast the next round should go, we need to calculate each bullet’s speed. The round ends when the character’s horizontal bar is filled, which will trigger an explosion that grants the player thousands of lucky coins. This is the ideal time to win and claim victory.

There are no limits to the number of coins players earn.

Consider what motivates you the most to move on to the next level when determining your reward. It’s a stroke of luck that the coins in the Pinatamasters game don’t have a limited supply. Your only task is to reload and attack again. A character’s strength is measured by the amount of coins they earn and the weapons and strength they possess.

Coins also factor into determining a character’s strength: upgrading weapons and armor defeats Pinatas at higher levels. Making the game always lively and fun when incorporating sounds and images is something that’ll be great when completed. Each time the character changes position or form, a corresponding sound will play.


The very first thoughts that entered Pinatamasters’ minds were simple and easy. As it turns out, though, that initial perception was incorrect. In fact, the higher the difficulty level increases, the more apparent that Pinatamasters’ vitality remains. Because of this stubborn animal’s persistence, it requires more ammunition and energy to defeat it.

Despite the entertainment factor of this game, the challenge always supersedes any other. Any challenge hardens your resolve and desiring to triumph. Don’t give up when challenged quickly! Each time a difficult-to-solve pinata provides more reward than a simple one. As a result, people with high-level pinatas need more time and energy to defeat them. Additionally, pulling off challenging attacks requires summoning minions that grant strength and wealth.

Various weapons are employed in the conflict.

Some traditional festivals use larger wooden balls called pinatas for their celebrations. In this particular game, though, participants don’t just aim for the pinata with a stick. Instead, they select powerful weapons with limited ammunition and purposes. This encourages participants to make strategic decisions when planning how to defeat their target.

Bullet upgrades and added strength are helpful in future missions with the next level. By increasing bullet strength and size, you can assist with additional bullets for each level. Money easily powers shotguns, grenades and plasma guns, as well as axes and katanas. Plus, it’s the root of all coins’ power.

A keen understanding of the implications of strategic decisions is vital for any intelligence professional.

Certain missions and progression require upgrading every weapon and ammunition in the inventory. This can be difficult due to the large amount of weapons and ammunition that are currently stocked. There is also a protective magic shield around Pinata in some confrontations. You need to break through this barrier to access the Pinata. A regular handgun would prove ineffective for this purpose. Instead, improve your firearm or choose a different route.power, ammo, and equipment are mandatory. Unlock new weapons or upgrade existing ones in stock.

Download Pinatamasters Mod APK

How to Install

Install the steps:

  • First you must uninstall Pinatamasters original version if you have installed it.
  • Then, download Pinatamasters Mod APK on our site.
  • After completing the download, you must find the apk file and install it.
  • You must enable “Unknown sources” to install applications outside the Play Store.
  • Then you can open and enjoy the Pinatamasters Mod APK.


View Wi-Fi connections:
Allows the app to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and name of connected Wi-Fi devices.

Is Pinatamasters Mod Safe?

Pinatamasters Mod is 100% safe because the application was scanned by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were detected. The antivirus platform includes: AOL Active Virus Shield, avast!, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, etc. Our anti-malware engine filter applications and classifies them according to our parameters. Therefore, it is 100% safe to install Pinatamasters Mod APK on our site.

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