Octopus APK Download For Android & iOS (Latest Version)

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Octopus APK is an amazing app for Android gamers, enabling them to play almost any game with a gamepad or keyboard. It can give you an essential edge over players using touch controls depending on the game. There is always a tendency among teenagers to play games. They always like to play a variety of new games. Many devices are required to play the game easily. Some games require a keypad or keyboard.

However, if you play games on Android, you can not use the keyboard. Which can make it difficult to play your game. There are some APKs online to solve that problem. Octopus Gamepad is an app that allows you to play games using the keyboard, gamepad, or mouse on Android devices.

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Octopus APK

About Octopus APK

With the help of the Octopus application, you can play an Android game by installing a keyboard, mouse, or even a gamepad on your device. And all process is very easy to do. To make a custom control setup, just make sure to sync your peripheral devices properly and choose a game. Next, you can start mapping the controls after connecting the areas of the screen with the keys or buttons of your peripheral device. Octopus Pro APK makes it possible which is great for shooting games like Survival Rules or PUBG Mobile. All in all, you can also adjust the opacity of the controls when they appear on the screen. You can also make them almost invisible so that they are not distracted during games.

Octopus also has a trending tab where you can take a look at the recent famous games. And you can also check exactly how many people are using this app to play games. Just you need to sync your peripheral devices and take a few minutes to map all the buttons or keys. For example, Fire Fire is usually the most playable game, because once the controls can be mapped, this title is simply great when playing with a keyboard and mouse. It is an essential application for those who play such games. Octopus APK Pro, Octopus Gamepad Pro APK, Octopus Premium APK all are different versions of this application. It is very easy to use and the most professional key mapper.

Features Of Octopus Gamepad

As usual, this online app has a lot of interesting features. It is not possible to mention all the features at once. So below are some of the notable features of this application.

  • Many special modes for specific games such as smart casting mode for MOBA games, keyboard & gamepad, and advanced shooting mode for FPS games.
  • The Gaming Engine of this app supports most games & apps, you can any games to play as you require.
  • You can define your own keymap with preset keymaps. Octopus provides 20+ different control elements to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Games with 30+ features have preset key configurations. No time is wasted on setup.
  • With an integrated Screen Recorder, you can record your every fight.
  • It supports Play Store account login and sync game data. Required download octopus plugin.
  • The app has a function of fake location.
  • To make the game run more smoothly it support the Clean-Up RAM function.
  • It supports gamepads, Xbox, keyboards & mouses, Gamesir, PS, IPEGA, Logitech,¬†Razer, and more.

Download And Install Octopus APK For iOS & Android

The download and install process of this app is very easy and simple. You will find the direct download link of the APK file on our website.

Octopus APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android (13.2 MB)

Previous Versions Of Octopus APK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

13.0 MBAPK

13.0 MBAPK

14.7 MBAPK

14.7 MBAPK

14.7 MBAPK

13.1 MBAPK

13.1 MBAPK

14.8 MBAPK

14.3 MBAPK

14.3 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

12.6 MBAPK

13.0 MBAPK

14.7 MBAPK

14.7 MBAPK

14.7 MBAPK

13.1 MBAPK

14.3 MBAPK

14.3 MBAPK

14.3 MBAPK

Additional Information:

CategoryFree Tools App
Current VersionVaries with device
SizeVaries with device
Op. SystemAndroid
Offered ByGharam Ak
Get It OnGoogle Play Store
  • Tap on the download button for starting the download.
  • Go on your settings security options.
  • Enable unknown sources.
  • After that go on your device file manager where the downloaded APK file is located.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Done, launch, and enjoy.

Octopus is an outstanding app for Android gamers, enabling them to play most of the game with a gamepad or keyboard. So, download it from our website as soon as possible.


Q: What is Octopus APK?

A: It is an Android application that allows users to map on-screen controls to physical gamepads or controllers. It enables users to play mobile games with a gamepad, providing a more immersive gaming experience.

Q: Where can I download Octopus APK?

A: You can download Octopus app from various sources, including official app stores like the Google Play Store or third-party websites that host APK files. Please exercise caution when downloading from third-party sources to avoid potential security risks.

Q: Is there a specific version of Octopus app that is considered “pro” or “mod” 4.2.8?

A: The specific version you mentioned, Octopus Pro Mod 4.2.8, does not correspond to the official version of Octopus APK available through legitimate channels. “Pro” or “mod” versions of APKs typically refer to modified versions that may include additional features or alterations not present in the original application.

Q: How can I download the Octopus app?

A: You can download the Octopus app by searching for “Octopus” on the Google Play Store or by visiting the official website of the app. From there, you can follow the provided download links to get the app directly on your Android device.

Q: What is Octopus – Gamepad?

A: Octopus – Gamepad is a feature within the Octopus app that allows you to connect and use external gamepads or controllers with your Android device. It enables you to map the buttons on your gamepad to the corresponding on-screen controls of games, providing a console-like gaming experience.

Q: Can I use Octopus app for playing Free Fire?

A: Yes, you can use the Octopus app to play Free Fire. By mapping the on-screen controls to your gamepad buttons, you can play Free Fire with a gamepad or controller of your choice, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Q: Is there a specific version of Octopus App that is considered “pro” or “mod” 6.1.3?

A: The version Octopus Pro Mod 6.1.3 APK you mentioned does not correspond to the official version of Octopus APK available through legitimate channels. As mentioned earlier, “pro” or “mod” versions of APKs usually indicate modified versions that may have additional features or alterations not present in the original application.

Q: What is Octopus App?

A: Octopus App is an Android application designed to enable users to play mobile games using gamepads or controllers. It allows you to map on-screen controls to physical buttons on your gamepad, providing a more comfortable and immersive gaming experience.

Q: Is there a MOD APK version of Octopus available?

A: Yes, there are MOD APK versions of Octopus available on various websites. MOD APKs are modified versions of the original applications, and they may offer additional features, unlock premium functionality, or provide other alterations. However, it is important to note that downloading and using MOD APKs from unofficial sources can pose security risks, so it is recommended to exercise caution.

Q: What is the Octopus Plugin 32-bit?

A: The Octopus Plugin 32-bit is an additional component or extension for the Octopus app. It is specifically designed to support 32-bit architecture devices. This plugin allows users with 32-bit devices to utilize the Octopus app and enjoy gamepad support on their devices.

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