Kingo ROOT Apk Download For iOS & Android (Latest Version)

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For rooted Android devices, Kingo ROOT Apk is a superuser access management tool. This is an excellent option for managing root permissions after rooting your Android. Routing is a technical term that can ‘unlock’ your Android devices by accessing the full admin rights of your Android. It conveys the same meaning as the ‘jailbreak’ of an iOS device.

You will get ‘Super User’ permission by rooting your Android phone or tablet. This will allow you to have full control of access to your device. With a ‘rooted’ Android device, you can speed up your device by blocking ads and removing bloatware.

Nowadays we almost all use smartphones. Some are very happy to use the built-in apps from their phones. But some people don’t like that unnecessary apps are taking the place of devices. The problem is, they can’t uninstall it. So they need some third-party app to change their phone. You can customize almost everything from saving the battery more efficiently with a rooted device.

The rooting process will help you get full authentication of your Android devices. You can easily change your device at any moment using the Kingoroot application. It’s completely free for your device so you can easily download it from its official website.

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Kingo ROOT Apk

Kingo Root 4.8.0 [Latest] Version Free Download

Kingo ROOT Apk Download is an app that allows you to root your device in a matter of seconds without any complicated process. The app using any version of Android between 1.5 and 5.0 works on different device models. It uses the same process to root all these devices. You must first press the root button to start working. Of course, the app will tell you if your device is already rooted.

You can unroot a device just as you would root it. You can modify your device the way you want using this process, and it will enhance the functionality of your device. Most Android users think that it is harmful and very risky for the device. But this is completely wrong, we assure you that it will not harm your device.

Rooting your device Download Kingo ROOT helps you unlock all the features of your device. Increase the power and functionality of the device by rooting. You can also install any type of third-party app on your phone and uninstall the inbuilt app easily. Then root your device settings to customize the apps. Routing takes less than a minute to complete. You can download it for PC to root your Android.

But there is no reason to worry because the two methods have the same end result. No technical method is required to root Android using it. If you want to root an Android device using a computer with it, you must first enable debugging mode on your Android. So that the computer is able to detect your phone while connected to it via a USB cable.

Features Of ROOT Kingo

  • This is the easiest and fastest one-click app to root your Android.
  • This guarantees the highest success rate with the most powerful root solutions.
  • Root software supports almost all Android versions and manufacturers’ customized devices.
  • KingoRoot is an advanced in-app file format that can be used for free.
  • It makes it powerful in every way by constantly updating and improving root scripts.
  • It fully covers mainstream models of Android 1.5 to 5.0 from various manufacturers.

Download And Install ROOT For iOS & Android

This fantastic root software supports all of your Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Kingo ROOT APK for Android Download Latest Version (6.5 MB)

Previous Versions Of Kingo ROOT Apk


Additional Information:

Current VersionVaries with device
Size6.23 Mb
Op. SystemAndroid
AuthorKingosoft Technology Ltd.
LanguageEnglish & 10 more
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Download Kingo ROOT Apk to safely root your device at any moment from anywhere.


Q: What is KingoRoot app?

A: KingoRoot is an Android application that allows users to root their Android devices with just one click. Rooting an Android device grants users administrative privileges, allowing them to access and modify system files and settings that are usually restricted by the device manufacturer.

Q: Is KingoRoot app safe?

A: The safety of KingoRoot app can be a topic of debate. While rooting can offer additional control and customization options for advanced users, it also carries some risks. Rooting can potentially void the device warranty, expose the device to security vulnerabilities, and cause stability issues or even bricking the device if not done correctly. Therefore, it is essential to proceed with caution and make informed decisions when using rooting apps like KingoRoot.

Q: Is KingoRoot free?

A: Yes, KingoRoot is available for free. Users can download and use the KingoRoot app without any cost. However, some advanced features or additional functionalities within the app may require a premium version or in-app purchases.

Q: Does KingoRoot work on Android 7?

A: Yes, KingoRoot is compatible with Android 7 (Nougat) devices. However, the compatibility may vary depending on the specific device model and firmware version. It is recommended to check the official KingoRoot website or app documentation for the most up-to-date information on supported devices and versions. Additionally, it’s crucial to follow the rooting instructions carefully and understand the risks associated with rooting before attempting to root any Android device.

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