How to Get Instagram Wrapped 2023 on Android and iOS

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As we bid farewell to another year, Instagram users eagerly await the unveiling of their Instagram Wrapped 2023, a personalized recap of their most memorable moments on the platform.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to access your Insta wrapped 2023 on both Android and iOS devices, ensuring you don’t miss out on reliving your best Instagram moments.

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How To Get Instagram Wrapped 2023

What Is Instagram Wrapped?

It is an annual feature introduced by Instagram that provides users with a personalized and visual summary of their activities and engagement on the platform throughout the year. Drawing inspiration from similar year-in-review features on various social media platforms, Insta Wrapped aims to celebrate and showcase the user’s most memorable moments, top posts, and significant interactions from the past year.

Key elements typically included in Instagram Wrapped are:

Top Posts and Moments: It compiles a selection of your most liked and engaging posts from the year. This could include photos, videos, and carousel posts that received the highest levels of interaction, such as likes, comments, and shares.

Popular Hashtags: The feature often highlights the hashtags you use most frequently throughout the year. This provides insights into the themes and trends that dominated your content.

Top Interactions: It may showcase your most frequent interactions with other users, including likes, comments, and messages. This allows you to see who played a significant role in your Instagram experience.

Metrics and Statistics: Users can expect to see various statistics, such as the total number of likes received, the number of followers gained, and other engagement metrics that reflect their overall activity on the platform.

Aesthetic Design and Presentation: It is typically presented in an aesthetically pleasing and engaging format, making it an enjoyable experience for users to review and share their highlights.

Instagram Wrapped

Update Your Instagram App

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your Android or iOS device. Updates often include new features and improvements, so having the most recent version will enhance your overall Instagram experience.

Wait for the Official Announcement

Instagram typically releases the Wrapped feature towards the end of the year. Keep an eye on official announcements from Instagram on their social media channels or within the app itself. Once it’s available, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to explore your personalized Instagram Wrapped 2023.

Check Your Notifications

When it becomes available, you’ll likely receive a notification within the app. Check your notifications regularly, and when you see the Instagram Wrapped alert, tap on it to embark on your journey through the highlights of your year on Instagram.

Navigate to Your Profile

If you don’t receive a notification, don’t worry – you can still access Instagram Wrapped manually. Open the Instagram app, go to your profile, and look for any prompts or banners that indicate the availability of Instagram Wrapped 2023.

Explore Your Instagram Wrapped 2023

Once you’ve accessed Instagram Wrapped, enjoy the personalized journey through your year on Instagram. Explore your top posts, most-used hashtags, and other engaging statistics that capture the essence of your Instagram experience.

Share Your Insta-Wrapped Highlights

Instagram Wrapped is not only about reliving your moments but also sharing them with your followers. Take advantage of the sharing options within the feature to post your highlights directly to your Instagram Story or feed, allowing your friends and followers to join in on the celebration of your year on the platform.


Instagram Wrapped 2023 is a fantastic way to reflect on your Insta journey, showcasing the moments that made your year special. By following these simple steps on both Android and iOS devices, you’ll unlock the door to a personalized experience that celebrates your unique connection with the Instagram community. Get ready to share, reminisce, and celebrate your Instagram Wrapped 2023!

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