Gacha Club APK Download Free Game App For Android & iOS

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The Gacha Club APK is a great game full of possibilities that lets you create characters from scratch, create scenes with them, change existing ones to your taste, or fight using various available modes. Also, there are many mini-games where you can continue to enjoy the adventures of the heroes. We are talking about a game that you can play offline and where all the editing elements are absolutely accessible.

Gachha Club Games features gacha mechanics or ‘plantation’, deep character customization, an interactive story, and battle mechanics. Unlike other Gacha style games, it uses a powerful, 100% free character customization tool. Which allows you to change the style of the characters to your desired look. It currently offers 150+ unique characters that you can edit. You can also fight with battle mode or participate in various minigames.

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Gacha Club APK

Download Gacha Club Latest Version

The Gacha Club Download Apk is a casual game that lets you create and customize a bunch of different characters from the comfort of your smartphone like never before. By now, you may be familiar with the prequel to this game, Gacha Life. In addition, it also has a battle mode where you can fight your enemies with up to 180 potential units.

Using the amazing editor which gives you great freedom, you have complete control over the development of your characters in Old Gacha Club Apk.  Here you can change skin tone, eyes, face type, hair, facial expressions of your character, etc. The level of detail is great, and it doesn’t even take into account all the clothes and accessories you can choose. But that’s not the end of the story, as there are pets and over 600 different poses.

Gacha Club Mod APK does not currently have a monetization scheme, meaning players will not be able to purchase express upgrades, extra pulls, equipment, or otherwise. It encourages players to try each game mode and focus on progress. Similarly, parents do not have to worry about buying something while their child is playing.

The game also has four different battle modes where you can fight enemies to the beat of the music to make the game more lively. Gacha Club’s story mode reunites you with well-known characters. Gacha Club Old Version Apk was as popular as the latest version. As well as being with the newcomers who introduce you to the world of DJing with this fun title.

Features Of Gacha Club App

  • There are 150 pets for pets to increase your stats in the game.
  • You can adjust your hair, eyes, and items to suit your character.
  • For all your characters, you can set custom profiles.
  • In this game, more than 180 units of the Gacha must be used in battle.
  • On the scene, you can add your favorite pets and objects.
  • You can choose from four battle modes of story, tower, training, and the shadow of corruption.
  • Here you can easily cultivate gems by playing for free.
  • Anywhere on the screen, you can add up to 10 characters in this game.

Gacha Club Story & Battle Mod

The story runs like a visual novel where the characters communicate through a text box that players can read and follow. Once the scene is over, a battle map opens where you can select different stages and participate in the battle. During combat, you can click on a character to reveal a devastating special move, which makes it essential to choose the right moment to hit.

Download And Install Gacha Club For iOS & Android

The wonderful game software easily supports all of your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Gacha Club APK for Android Download Latest Version (104.7 MB)

Previous Versions Of Gacha Club APK

99.7 MBAPK

99.6 MBAPK

99.6 MBAPK

99.8 MBAPK

99.7 MBAPK

99.9 MBAPK

99.6 MBAPK

99.8 MBAPK

Additional Information:

Current VersionVaries with device
SizeVaries with device
Op. SystemAndroid
Offered ByLunime
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

If you want to enjoy your time playing fun games, download the Gacha Club APK game to your device today.


Q: Is Gacha Club safe for 13-year-olds?

A: It is generally considered safe for 13-year-olds. It is a game that allows players to create and customize characters, dress them up, and engage in various activities. However, it is important for parents or guardians to be aware of the online interactions within the game, as players can chat with others and share user-generated content.

Q: Where can I play Gacha without downloading?

A: It is primarily a mobile game and is designed to be downloaded and played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Currently, there is no official web version of the game available, so it cannot be played without downloading it to a compatible device.

Q: How to download Gacha Club?

A: To download Gacha Club, follow these steps:

  • Open the app store on your mobile device (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).
  • Search for “Gacha Club” in the search bar.
  • Locate the official Gacha app and tap on it.
  • Tap the “Install” or “Get” button to begin the download and installation process.
  • Wait for the download to complete.
  • Once the download is finished, you can open the app and start playing Gacha Club.

Q: Is Gacha Club an anime game?

A: Yes, it can be considered an anime-themed game. It incorporates various elements of anime, such as the art style, character designs, and storytelling. Players can create characters inspired by anime aesthetics, dress them up in different outfits, and participate in role-playing activities within the game.

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