Endless Nightmare 1: Home 1.1.5 APK + Mod (Unlimited money) for Android

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Endless Nightmare 1 Home Mod is a free arcade game developed by a US company. It is based on the basic idea. A player controls monsters, which are very aggressive towards humans, and must fight them romantically. That’s how it started in 1984. The game has been so popular that it keeps being released every year since then.

The game ended in a nightmare. The player could not progress to the next level because of a glitch. The problem is that it was just an illusion created by the code, but no one let themselves be fooled by it and suffered this nightmare for hours on end.

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Size:115.08 MB
Android version:5.0 and up
Developer:707 Interactive Fun Epic Casual Games

Endless Nightmare 1 Home Mod

About Endless Nightmare 1 Home Mod

Test your guts, overcome your fear, thriller begins, scream!You are James, a police officer, your wife and daughter were murdered at home. During your pursuit of the truth in the house, something scary happened. What happens next in this scary house will be an endless nightmare for you, everything is in mystery, adventure starts…

Gameplay:★ Investigate: Adventure start! Explore each area, open locked doors, search for clues, solve brain teasers, disclose the mystery, you may find some strange things, but they are useful, figure out who is the murderer!★ Listen: Don’t just rely on your eyes! Listen carefully to the sounds around you. You may meet a mad woman likes horiffic clown, do not scream, she will make noises when approaching.★ Escape: Hide and seek, even if you are discovered by the horrible mad woman, you may get goosebumps, but don’t be afraid, you still have a chance to outlast. Run!

★ Hide: You can find a hiding place, hide in closet or under table. Don’t be seeked by her, or you will dead by daylight, find a road to survival.★ Strategy: Attract her by breaking vases or cups, then take the chance to explore other areas. Don’t forget the rules of survival and use strategy, find a road to survive and find her identity. ★ Attack: Don’t want to hide anymore? Collect parts of the taser gun to assemble and make her pacify, become a killer!★ Leave: Find out the murderer and survive to escape from the horror house.

Game Features:★ Free to play without internet, play anywhere you want!★ Attractive scary story, creepy case, horrific truth, experience the thrill of solving a case!★ Collect various items to help you discover clues and explore the truth!★ Avoid and eliminate the horrible evil woman, exciting and fun! Remember hide and seek!★ 3D design and exquisite graphics, give you the most realistic visual horror experience!★ Scary music, creepy sounds and atmosphere with jumpscares, please wear headphones for a better experience!★ Multiple difficulty modes, improve your guts!

★ First person adventure game, do not dead by daylight!★ Dog is your best friend, he can help you find clues and protect you!★ Get free rewards from the wheel!Endless Nightmare 1: Home is a 3D terror ghost game for free, it has a mini world, realistic graphics, horrific sounds combine with puzzling scary story will take you into a creepy and exciting world! Everything is in mystery. Open locked doors, many brain teasers and you can find lots of items and clues in the creepy house, solve brain teasers, they help you figure out truth of the case and all mysteries.

During the exploration process in many risky rooms, you should also keep your eyes open for the evil ghost, run immediately if you meet her, hide in closet or under the bed are good ways to get rid of the evil woman. Remember the rules of survival. Of course, you can make her pacify, use strategy! Can you escape horror in the horror mini world? Aimee liked staying with granny, granny is not only her granny, but also her teacher. Granny companied with Aimee when she was illing, she hated the hospital but liked granny’s company, made her feel pacify.

Granny so sad after Lisa and Aimee died, please help her!If you want a realistic and creepy horror ghost logic game, play this fun free terror and super scary exploration adventure game, we expect you complete the chapter, solve brain teasers and puzzles, figure out the case and outlast from the scary mini world! Everything has logic, use your strategy to find the truth, escape horror and figure out your real identity! Overcome your fear! Thriller begins, scream begins! Let’s start your horror action adventure! Remember rules of survival in this horrific adventure, do not dead by daylight! Seek, hide and outlast.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EndlessNightmareGame/

How to Install

Install the steps:
First you must uninstall Endless Nightmare 1: Home original version if you have installed it.
Then, download Endless Nightmare 1: Home Mod APK on our site.
After completing the download, you must find the apk file and install it.
You must enable “Unknown sources” to install applications outside the Play Store.
Then you can open and enjoy the Endless Nightmare 1: Home Mod APK

Is Endless Nightmare 1: Home Mod Safe?

Endless Nightmare 1: Home Mod is 100% safe because the application was scanned by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were detected. The antivirus platform includes: AOL Active Virus Shield, avast!, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, etc. Our anti-malware engine filter applications and classifies them according to our parameters. Therefore, it is 100% safe to install Endless Nightmare 1: Home Mod APK on our site.


Q: What is Endless Nightmare 1?

A: It is a modified version of the original Endless Nightmare 1 game. It includes various alterations and additions to enhance the gameplay experience.

Q: How does Endless Nightmare differ from the original game?

A: It incorporates modifications like altered gameplay mechanics, additional features, and potentially unlocked content not present in the original game.

Q: Where can I find and download Endless Nightmare 1?

A: You can find and download it from various online sources that specialize in hosting modified games. However, it’s important to exercise caution and ensure you are obtaining the mod from a reputable and safe source.

Q: Is there an Endless Nightmare 2 Mod APK available?

A: Yes, there might be an Endless Nightmare 2 Mod APK available. However, it’s crucial to be cautious when downloading and installing modded versions of any game, as they may not always be officially supported or safe.

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