Dumpster APK Download For iOS & Android (Latest Version)

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Dumpster APK Download is an app that allows you to recover files that you may have accidentally deleted or just want back. One of the things we use every day is the Android device. Where we need to save a lot of things. Where we keep our daily photos, videos, or necessary PDF files. From where we can delete any file if we want. As much as Android is a necessary thing, it is sometimes difficult to use.

There are some functions that give us the wrong command after clicking unknowingly. Which later leaves us in misery. As seen in many cases, a photo or file is accidentally deleted which is very important. But don’t find any way to recover it. That’s why everyone should have a recovery app on an Android device. In today’s post, I will write about Dumpster which will help you to get back any file.

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Dumpster APK Download

Dumpster MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Dumpster Pro APK is an application that lets you recover deleted files on your device, much like Windows Reusable Bin. Are you sorry for accidentally deleting some important files? No need to worry. The Dumpster app will offer a great way to solve all your problems. It allows you to recover all types of files, such as photographs, documents, text messages, songs, and videos.

You can recover any file using just a few menus. To recover your file, you just need to touch the files you want to recover and then click on the confirm button. With just simple two touches on the screen, you can recover any files on your device. It can be a great help whenever you need to recover data. It provides users with a premium cloud-based version that frees up storage space on their devices.

Dumpster Cloud lets users save all deleted files, videos, and photos and then effortlessly restore or delete them. Excluding these functions, Dumpster Premium APK offers a reliable device backup that requires free storage space. It enables users to lock the screen and achieve a better experience without any annoying ads. It is worth noting that it allows you to recover files in PDF, MP4, JPG, MP3, AVI, PNG, Doc, and text formats.

But it cannot recover all the apps that you have deleted. You’ll be able to protect your media files with a 4-digit secure access code from outside viewers. It became a default app for all your essential data recovery. Dumpster MOD APK is so rich in features that it’s got a whole nickname from its amazing users. From the beginning, it has been coming up with great service that has fascinated the users.

Features Of Dumpster Free APK

  • Using this APK you can easily recover accidentally deleted photos quickly.
  • With this app, you can easily back up your media files, Android apps, and more.
  • Your device does not require an internet connection to use it.
  • It has a lock screen capability for overall protection.
  • Easy to recover important images, photos, files, and videos instantly.
  • Custom designs and themes are available here to sort by your own choice.
  • It supports about 14 languages worldwide.
  • It has cloud storage that allows you to do more work and save the files you need.
  • You don’t need any fee to use this app.
  • An auto-clean option is available in this app to keep the device running.

Download And Install Restore App For iOS & Android

This awesome recovery easily supports your tablet and Android devices. You can install emulators such as Nox Player or BlueStacks for your windows.

Dumpster APK for Android Download Latest Version (17.3 MB)

Previous Versions Of Dumpster APK

16.5 MBAPK

16.5 MBAPK

16.3 MBAPK

16.3 MBAPK

16.2 MBAPK

16.2 MBAPK

16.1 MBAPK

15.9 MBAPK

15.9 MBAPK

15.6 MBAPK

15.6 MBAPK

15.7 MBAPK

15.6 MBAPK

15.4 MBAPK

15.4 MBAPK

15.8 MBAPK

15.5 MBAPK

15.5 MBAPK

15.5 MBAPK

15.3 MBAPK

15.6 MBAPK

15.6 MBAPK

15.6 MBAPK

16.1 MBAPK

16.1 MBAPK

16.1 MBAPK

16.1 MBAPK

16.8 MBAPK

16.7 MBAPK

16.8 MBAPK

  • In the beginning, tap on the download button given above.
  • Need to go to your device settings security options.
  • Then, enable unknown sources for installing third-party APK.
  • Now, need to go to, file manager, where the downloaded the APK file.
  • Press the install button.
  • Wait a while.
  • Now enjoy.

Keep Dumpster APK Download on your device now to get any lost files and secure the required file.


Q: What is Dumpster APK?

A: It is a file recovery app specifically designed to help you recover and restore deleted photos, videos, documents, and other files on your Android device.

Q: How does Dumpster work?

A: It works by creating a backup of your deleted files. When you delete a file using Dumpster, it gets saved in the app’s storage instead of being permanently removed from your device. You can then browse through Dumpster’s interface and restore any deleted files you want to recover.

Q: Can Dumpster recover deleted photos?

A: Yes, it is primarily designed to recover deleted photos. It can also recover other types of files, such as videos, documents, and audio files.

Q: Where can I download Dumpster APK?

A: It can be downloaded from various sources on the internet. It is recommended to download apps only from trusted sources, such as the Google Play Store or the official website of the app developer, to ensure the authenticity and security of the app.

Q: Is Dumpster available on the Google Play Store?

A: Yes, it is available on the Google Play Store. You can search for “Dumpster” in the Play Store app on your Android device and download it from there.

Q: Can I download the Dumpster Mod Apk version?

A: While there may be unofficial modified versions of the APK available on the internet, it is not recommended to download or use modded APKs. These versions may be modified to include malicious code or infringe upon the original developer’s rights. It’s always safer to download apps from trusted sources.

Q: Is Dumpster free to use?

A: Yes, it is free to download and use. However, it may offer in-app purchases or display advertisements to generate revenue.

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