Chamelephon APK Download Free IMEI App For iOS & Android

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In the modern age, it is hard to believe that people will still have to pay a hefty fee for a simple repair of their device. Many people are torn apart by stores and service centers that do not care about the experience or satisfaction of their customers. Chamelephon APK provides you with affordable quality software so that you can enjoy hours and hours of entertainment on your Android phone without breaking the bank. This is the best app to change the IMEI number of your smartphone. Chamelephon will only work once your Mediatek device is the root, which is limited to MTK chipset devices.

Usually, when you use a phone you get IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number. It is a series of 15 digits long numbers used to identify smartphones. Therefore, when you buy a new phone, you should first check the IMEI number. This way you can identify your device so that it does not go wrong with other devices. You can even rest assured that your device is recognized worldwide. So, what do you do with the Chamelephon app? The purpose of this app is to allow you to change the IMEI number of your Android device. But, this change is not for a bad purpose but for your privacy.

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Chamelephon APK

About Chamelephon APK

Whenever you connect your phone to a network, it will be recognized by its IMEI. So, if you want your phone not to be detected by others, you should change your IMEI number using Chamelephon APK 2021. Alternatively, you can create different IMEI numbers that easily work for your phone. It uploads a picture of itself to the screen of its device to fool people into thinking they have a different smartphone than this.

Including root and exposed installers, you may need to use the IMEI changer tool for Snapdragon devices. This app is available for free to MediaTek users who have root access. Note, however, that only Mediatek 65XX devices support. Cryptotel is its main developer, which falls under the category of personalization. It’s easy, fast, and convenient for everyone to use.

Chamelephon IMEI Changer is an app that allows you to quickly and easily change the IMEI of your Android device. To change the IMEI, here you need a rooted device. Before you download the app, make sure your phone is the root. If not, root the phone first. You can simply download the Standard Root app to do this. Once your phone is rooted, you can download the Chamelephon app.

After opening it you will be asked to allow root in a popup. It will then ask you to allow root and access. To create a random IMEI number, you can click the button. Or you can manually enter the number obtained from your mobile box. You will need to restart your device once the process is finished. It is very helpful for mapping the IMEI number of a third-party app that may have blocked your device.

Features Of Chamelephon App

  • To include the desired changes it works by installing a configuration file that has been modified.
  • After rebooting your phone it will boot up with the new configuration applied.
  • Since it is specially made for the phone device, it works best on the phone device.
  • However, an important feature is that it only supports Mediatek 65XX devices.
  • Don’t forget to root your device before using it.

Download And Install Chamelephon For iOS & Android

The wonderful IMEI changing software easily supports all of your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Chamelephon APK for Android Download Latest Version (356.2 KB)

Previous Versions Of Chamelephon APK

347.8 KBAPK

Additional Information:

Current VersionVaries with device
SizeVaries with device
Op. SystemAndroid
Offered ByCryptotel
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Download the Chamelephon APK today if you want to use your device by changing the IMEI number without blocking.


Q: What is Chamelephon APK?

A: It is an Android application that allows users to change the device ID (Android ID) of their Android device. It is primarily used for changing the device ID to maintain privacy or bypass restrictions in certain applications or services.

Q: What is the purpose of a device ID changer?

A: A device ID changer, such as Chamelephon, allows users to modify the unique identifier of their Android device. By changing the device ID, users can make their device appear as a different device to certain apps or services, thereby bypassing restrictions or maintaining anonymity.

Q: Where can I find an old version of the APK?

A: It is recommended to download apps from official sources such as the Google Play Store or the developer’s website. However, if you are specifically looking for an old version of Chamelephon, you may try searching on reputable APK download websites or forums. Be cautious when downloading from third-party sources to avoid malware or compromised versions of the app.

Q: What is Ghost Phone APK?

A: It’s possible that it may refer to a different app, or it could be a term used in a specific context. Could you provide more details or clarify its purpose?

Q: How can I change the IMEI number using MTK Engineering Mode?

A: Changing the IMEI number of a device is a complex process and may be illegal in some jurisdictions. It is not recommended to change the IMEI number unless you have a legitimate reason and understand the legal implications. Additionally, the process may vary depending on the specific device and software version.

MTK Engineering Mode is a hidden menu available on some Android devices with MediaTek processors. It provides access to advanced device settings and diagnostics. While it can be used for various purposes, it is important to note that changing the IMEI number using this method may violate the terms of service of your device and can lead to unforeseen issues.

I strongly advise against attempting to change the IMEI number unless you are fully aware of the consequences and legal implications in your jurisdiction. It is always best to consult with a professional or the device manufacturer for guidance on such matters.

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