App Lock Apk Download For iOS & Android (Update Version)

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The best App Lock Apk is a recommended app that without any problems, easily and quickly you can use to secure the apps installed on your smartphone. This is a free and useful application for locking apps individually on your Android smartphone. It lets you set up a pattern lock or numeric password to ensure security. In a short time, this application has become one of the most popular choices for app locking. Compared to other lock apps, this app lock comes with a simple interface. You don’t have to worry about the APK affecting your system resources since it comes with a lightweight installation package.

We all want the security of our personal belongings using digital software. However, the settings of the Android set should be done in such a way that even if the home screen can be locked, the apps cannot be locked separately. But, in this case, there are many problems with security. You must use an external app lock to keep any personal app lock. External apps often have problems or do not work properly. You will be able to fully personalize your device using the lock app that I will discuss with you today.

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App Lock Apk

Download Applock – Best Software & App

App Lock APK Download is an outstanding app locker for securing apps on your smartphone in a simple, fast, and effective way. If you are looking for a tool to help you lock your device then this app is a great option. With it, you can enhance the security of your smartphone with a special code to protect your files and apps. All you have to do is set up the code, which is a pattern that you draw in three-by-three grids.

You need to enter this code to unlock your app and use it. Once the code is set you need to choose a security question. Then you have to answer to get access to the app. You can access a complete list of all the apps installed from the app’s drop-down menu on your smartphone. You can even choose which one you want to protect.

The main screen of App Lock contains a list of all the apps on your smartphone, which can be easily locked with a toggle slider. In addition, it allows you to lock various actions, including access to settings, calls, Google Play Store, etc. It has become more important to keep your confidential information secure with more people concerned about data security and privacy.

Although users may feel that a device is protected by a simple screen lock, this is not usually the case. Other such apps are Hoga Toga Screen Lock, Calculator Lock Apk, Jio Phone Fingerprint Apk, Double Tap Screen On And Off Apk, and Calculator Vault Apk. So, it is important for your device to have an extra layer of security for applications like Applock.

Top Features Of App Lock

  • Its complete site is made with a good design theme which is easily understood by all.
  • This is a camouflage browser with no historical record.
  • You can lock the app with a pattern, password, or fingerprint lock at your convenience.
  • In its vault option, you can hide pictures and videos as per your requirement.
  • Having a personal SNS allows you to log in to multiple accounts.
  • You can set different locked app groups by customizing profiles.
  • Prevent AppLock from being killed by a task killer to maintain enhanced security.
  • You can lock system settings to prevent clutter from kids.

Download And Install App Lock For iOS & Android

The important and useful lock application easily supports all of your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

AppLock 5.6.2 APK for Android - Download Latest Version (29.1 MB)

Previous Versions Of App Lock Apk

27.8 MBAPK

26.7 MBAPK

26.7 MBAPK

27.4 MBAPK

27.9 MBAPK

27.8 MBAPK

19.6 MBAPK

26.8 MBAPK

26.4 MBAPK

25.2 MBAPK

24.7 MBAPK

22.8 MBAPK

22.8 MBAPK

23.5 MBAPK

22.6 MBAPK

22.3 MBAPK

22.3 MBAPK

22.9 MBAPK

20.1 MBAPK

20.0 MBAPK

19.2 MBAPK

19.2 MBAPK

16.9 MBAPK

16.5 MBAPK

13.3 MBAPK

13.3 MBAPK

13.3 MBAPK

12.2 MBAPK

12.2 MBAPK

12.2 MBAPK

11.4 MBAPK

11.5 MBAPK

11.5 MBAPK

11.5 MBAPK


Additional Information:

Current VersionVaries with device
SizeVaries with device
Op. SystemAndroid
Offered ByMiva Mobile
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Download App Lock Apk to your device now to keep everything on your smart device safe and secure. You can safely give your device to someone to use it.


Q: What is the best app lock available?
A: There are several app lock applications available, and the best one may vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular app lock options include AppLock, Norton App Lock, and AppLock – Fingerprint. It’s recommended to try out different app locks and choose the one that suits you best.

Q: How can I set a password for app lock?
A: To set a password for app lock, you need to follow these general steps:

  1. Download and install an app lock application from your device’s app store.
  2. Open the app lock and set up a new password or pattern lock.
  3. Confirm the password or pattern lock to complete the setup.
    Once you’ve set the password, you can use it to lock specific apps on your device.

Q: Where can I download an app lock application?

A: You can download app lock applications from your device’s app store. If you have an Android device, you can find app lock apps on the Google Play Store. If you have an iOS device, you can find them on the App Store.

Q: How do I lock apps using an app lock?

A: Once you have installed an app lock application, follow these steps to lock apps:

  • Open the app lock application on your device.
  • Set a password or pattern lock if you haven’t already.
  • Select the apps you want to lock from the list provided in the app lock interface.
  • Once you have chosen the apps, enable the lock or protection feature.
    After completing these steps, the selected apps will be locked and can only be accessed by entering the app lock password or pattern.

Q: Is there an app lock application that supports fingerprint authentication?

A: Yes, there are app lock applications that support fingerprint authentication. AppLock – Fingerprint is one example of an app lock application that allows you to lock apps using your fingerprint. This feature enhances the security and convenience of app locking by using your device’s fingerprint sensor.

Q: Can I use Samsung’s app feature on my Samsung device?

A: Yes, Samsung devices often come with a built-in the feature called “Secure Folder.” This feature allows you to create a secure space on your device where you can store and lock specific apps, files, and data. You can access this feature by navigating to your device’s settings and searching for “Secure Folder” or “App Lock.”

Q: Where can I find a modded APK version of an app lock application?

A: Modded APK versions of the applications are not recommended as they are unofficial and often modified by unknown sources. These modified versions can pose security risks and may contain malicious code that can harm your device or compromise your data. It’s always safer to download and use the official versions of app lock applications from trusted sources like the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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