Download AirDroid Remote Access & File Free on Android

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You are about to download the AirDroid APK for Android (Free Tools App). The best tools app of Android provides unlocked all premium features with unlimited everything. AirDroid file and Remote Access is a one-stop solution for everything.

Note that AirDroid APK v4.3.4.0 here is the free and original APK file sourced from the Play Store. Read more about this application or choose a server to download the AirDroid Premium latest version for free.

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Download AirDroid APK Remote Access AK & File free on android

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When you are working or watching a movie on your laptop you can not focus on your smartphone device. That’s why you miss many important notifications and it can also cause you a lot of damage. Don’t worry have an amazing application AirDroid that will help you control your device with the help of your laptop.

What is the AirDroid APK for Android?

AirDroid is an amazing application that allows you to access and manage your phone wireless from Windows, Mac, or the web. AirDroid is your best mobile device management built on 10 years of non-stop improvements. Including screen mirroring, file management, and transfer, receiving SMS notifications, and remote control right from your computer with just one AirDroid Application.

Transfer files wirelessly and for free between your devices or with your friends. One of the most practical applications to control your important files on other Android-based devices and desktop computers remotely. It helps you to manage and access your important documents and files from anywhere. AriDroid Remote Access and File is Created by Sand Studio in 2011.

This application does not require any system restriction to download and install the client. Its features to be used by the users provide a great solution to manage your device. This application is available in premium and free versions.

The free version provides basic features and functions, while the premium version lets you enjoy a better remote experience by giving more data quota, removing ads, and managing more devices.

What is the Airdroid MOD APK?

It is the latest hacked version of the AirDroid original application. AirDroid Free Mod APK is created to make your file transferring life easier and simpler by providing you with some amazing features and functionalities. It allows you to quickly and directly to the phone messages that you receive from your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, and Whatsapp from your desktop computer or laptop.

Also, access any documents, files, social media accounts, or messages with a desktop without touching your phone. It is suggested by many popular companies like PCWorld, CNET, LifeHacker, and Phandroid media houses and websites. You can have the premium version by spending money but AirDroid Mod APK is fully free to access for users and you can access the premium for free without any advertisement in this version as well.

Interesting Features of AirDroid APK for Android

Hyper-fast File Transferring

Using AirDroid to enjoy incredibly amazing fast file-transfer speeds at 20MB/s under local and remote connections. Even when switching to Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G networks enjoy an uncompromised experience for productivity. The nearby feature allows you without an account or internet connection to send photos and video files instantly and directly to friends near you.

File Management (All-in-one)

From the web client or the desktop client, you can manage and check up on photos, music, apps, videos, documents, and more on your devices. Even you can automatically sync and upload your important files, photos, and videos to your desktop computer. This way you can not only save your device storage but also avoid the risk of your privacy being leaked.

Notably, the app’s interface can be run directly from your computer’s browser. It works perfectly from any PC browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla, MS Edge, Safari, and others. This means you can still enjoy the application regardless of your browser or computer

Screen Mirroring

You can mirror your Android devices wirelessly to your PC so that you can share your screen with your friends, family, students, or partners. This feature is also very helpful for content creators as AirDroid allows you to share your games or images with your audience more quickly. A practical solution for various situations.

Remote Control

You can take full control of your Android devices without rooting them, just connect to the AirDroid PC client for a quick setup, to remotely do whatever you want on your Android device. For example, checking your phone status, playing games, and opening an app. AirDroid is easy to set up Remote control and runs smoothly, Even if your device is on the other side of the world.

Note that: If you want to remote control an Android device from another Android device, you need to download AirMirror for the controller device.

Remote Monitoring

Use unused Android phones and keep an eye on them using the remote camera feature. Monitor the device’s surroundings, or listen to environmental sounds through one-way audio, so you don’t have to be on the screen all the time. You can check in on newborns and pets or protect your home without spending extra on a new camera.

SMS Management & Notifications

AirDroid allows you to focus on work by letting you manage your phone directly from your desktop computer. You can send and receive texts, copy or dial the phone number, and make a call right from the PC.

The notifications feature allows you to sync your phone app notifications. As I said earlier you can receive or reply to your mobile messages from Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn from the desktop using this AirDroid Mod full Apk. Important messages are always up to date.

Make calls on PC

This feature helps you call your friends, family, or clients directly from your desktop using the phone’s headphones or Bluetooth headset. You can dial phone numbers in bulk directly on the AirDroid, tap to call, and talk to your friends and customers. This application gives you all the phone numbers present on your mobile phone. This makes this feature very useful and reduces the chances of error while dialing a number and improves your efficiency. AirDroid helps you manually enter phone numbers on mobile phones avoids possible errors and improves your efficiency.

Find Phone

If somehow you lose your device, you can use this feature, it helps you track your device, issue a lock request, or erase your device data after enabling the Find Phone option if a stranger accesses your data.

Note: AirDroid will use your location in the background to show the real-time location of your device when you use the ‘Find Phone’ feature on

AirDroid Mod + APK Download

Download and enjoy AirDroid (MOD, Premium). We provide only the best Mods for you and if everything we provide is not enough, we connect with the best resources for MOD information on AirDroid to provide you with only the ideal.

With Airdroid Mod APK Free, you can do many things by connecting your smartphone and your PC. Download Airdroid Premium Mod APK and explore what it has to offer!

AirDroid Version History

Need old versions of AirDroid? Download the old APK files now:


(Updated: December 10, 2023)


(Updated: October 26, 2023)


(Updated: July 26, 2023)


(Updated: June 1, 2023)


(Updated: April 27, 2023)


(Updated: April 19, 2023)


(Updated: April 3, 2023)


(Updated: August 16, 2022)


(Updated: April 21, 2022)


(Updated: April 10, 2022)

How To Update APK Apps on Android?

If you want to update your APK apps on Android, You can easily update them by following our given instructions. Here are step-by-step processes to completely update and install:

Step 1: Google Play Store

First of all, open the Google Play Store from your Android device. To find easily your apps just click on the search option, then type the app name that you want to update. For example, if you search YouTube, click on the YouTube app icon from the various options.

Step 2: Select the App

When you find your app, just select the app a click. You will see the Update option on the screen if any update is available now. Tap to update and start it.

How To Know If an APK File is Safe?

Download From A Trusted Website

Huge websites are available online to download many APK files for Android. But some websites are not trusted for downloading APK, it is so risky for everyone. Don’t worry! some developers provide specific trusted websites like,, and more to download original Android Apk files.

Scanning APK Files

There are various software available to scan viruses and malware content in the app files. You can scan the APK files and identify whether they are safe by choosing efficient software.

Check App Permissions

When you want to install this app, they ask you to check for app permission. If the app asks for irrelevant permission to access your device data, please pay attention to its security and ignore it.

Check Reviews and Comments

Must do research for the website platform you are selecting to download the file. Check the reviews and comments it will help you identify and analyze whether the APK files they provide are safe.

How To Download AirDroid APK For Android 

Downloading the app on Android is an easy process. Just follow our step-by-step guide to download your favorite apps:

Download From Official Website:

  • Visit the AirDroid Android (if available) Website
  • Search the app name from the search section
  • Tap to Download the App
  • Adjust Settings (if needed)
  • Install the App
  • Log In or Create an Account

Download From the Google Play Store:

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Search for AirDroid
  • Select the Official App
  • Download and Install
  • Log In or Create an Account

How To Download AirDroid Pro APK For iOS

Downloading the game for iOS devices is a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

Download from the App Store:

  • Open the App Store
  • Search for “AirDroid”
  • Select AirDroid
  • Download the App
  • Face ID or Touch ID Confirmation
  • Wait for Installation
  • Open The Game
  • Sign In or Create an Account
  • Start Playing

How To Download AirDroid Pro for PC/Windows

Here are the steps to download & install AirDroid MOD for PC & Windows. Just follow the downloading method and process carefully:

  • Visit the AirDroid Free APK Website
  • Navigate to the Download Page
  • Select the Version
  • Download the Software
  • Run the Installer
  • Follow the On-Screen Instructions
  • Create an Account or Log In
  • Update the Software (if needed)

How To Download The App From APKOrgan

Downloading the apps from is a very easy process. If you couldn’t find the download option from the respective websites then you can easily download the app from our website. Just follow the below instructions:

  • Open your browser
  • Search
  • Now search the app on our website
  • After that, find out the app
  • Now find the download link
  • Download the app
  • And install

So, these were the steps to download and install the app from our website.


Using remote device management solutions like AirDroid and managing your Android device becomes easier. Right from your desktop web browser, you can read and reply to SMS messages, listen to music stored on your device, view photos and videos on your device, manage your files and apps, organize your contacts, and more.

Not only will this service establish a centralized location for all your Android notifications, but it will also allow you to interact with your phone or tablet without switching devices.

That’s all about the AirDroid Android and I hope you can download the app from our official websites. By the way, many people looking to download AirDroid Download for PC, and If you are among them then you can download and install this app on your desktop PC.

This app has received hundreds and thousands of positive reviews from its users. If you want to know more about this app, you can write your queries in the comment section below.


Q. What is the AirDroid APK for Android?

AirDroid is an app designed for Android devices that facilitates wireless communication between your phone and other devices, such as computers and tablets. The APK version allows users to install AirDroid manually, bypassing the Google Play Store.

Q. How do I install AirDroid APK on my Android device?

To install AirDroid APK, you need to download the APK file from a trusted source. Go to your device’s settings, navigate to “Security” or “Privacy,” and enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” option. Once enabled, locate the downloaded APK file and initiate the installation process.

Q. Is AirDroid safe to use?

AirDroid is generally considered safe when downloaded from official sources like the Google Play Store or the official AirDroid website. It’s essential to be cautious and avoid downloading the APK from unofficial or unreliable sources to prevent potential security risks.

Q. What features does AirDroid offer?

AirDroid provides features such as file transfer, remote access to your device, screen mirroring, and notification management. Users can manage their Android devices from a computer, making it convenient for tasks like transferring files, responding to messages, and accessing media.

Q. Can I use AirDroid on multiple devices?

Yes, AirDroid allows you to connect and manage multiple Android devices from a single AirDroid account. This is useful for users who own multiple devices and want a centralized platform for managing them.

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