Tor Browser Apk Download For iOS & Android (Latest Version)

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The Tor Browser Apk protects you by bouncing your contacts around a distributed and safe network of volunteer-powered relays all over the world. In this age of the internet, we browse through thousands of networks every day. There we forget how secure our information is and face various problems.

There are also many connections that we fail to browse. But we should all know these things properly and use them. This will keep our data safe as well as secure browsing. The purpose of our website is to always provide accurate information about the software that suits you. If you check our website, you will get all the necessary software updates.

There are many of us who have little idea about the software. Lack of knowledge about this often leads to various problems in internet usage. In this case, we have taken a lot of ideas, but the problem is mainly due to the lacking of a browser.

However, in this case, we must use a good browser for release. Because we need browsing all the time for personal or official work. We have come up with a wonderful solution for those who are suffering from this type of problem. Read the entire post carefully to know the details related to this.

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Tor Browser Apk

About Tor Browser Apk

Tor Browser Android APK is the world’s most powerful tool developer for online privacy and freedom. Tor Project maintains and supports this browser. Third-party trackers and ads can’t follow you so that this disconnects every website you visit. Any cookies are automatically cleared when you finish browsing. This prevents anyone from seeing your link from knowing which websites you visit. Everyone who monitors your browsing habits can see that you are using Tor. The goal is to make all users look the same, making it harder for you to get fingerprints based on information from your browser and device. When you use it for your device, your traffic relays three times and encrypts when it passes over the Tor network.

The network is made up of thousands of volunteer-powered servers known as Tor Relay. It is basically an organization that creates free open source software for online privacy and freedom. Protects people from surveillance, tracking, and censorship. The Tor project’s main aim by create and deploying free open source technology to advance human rights and freedoms. Use and furthering their scientific and support¬†their free availability for popular understanding. As a result of having this browser, those who are afraid of using the internet for so long will be able to use it very easily. Also, everything that needs security will be here. You can check out its full features before using it.

Best Features Of Tor

  • You can browse all kinds of internet and do your work anonymously.
  • You can easily view any onion website using a web address.
  • Everyone who monitors your browsing habits can see that you are using Tor.
  • Easily block Facebook, Google, and other third-party trackers.
  • This allows you to easily access any blocked or banned websites.
  • There are multi-layered encryption features to protect users’ data.
  • It prevents anyone from seeing your connection from knowing which website you visit.
  • The biggest advantage of this browser is that it is free to use.

Download Ans Install Tor For iOS & Android

This fabulous browsing software supports hassle-freely on your Android and iOS devices.

Additional Information:

Category Others
Current Version Varies with device
Size 82.6 MB
Op. System Android
Developer The Tor Project
Requirement Android 5.0 or up
Get It On Google Play Store

Download Tor Browser Apk to your device now for safe and secure internet browsing.

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