EasyShare APK Download Free App For iOS & Android (Updated)

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EasyShare APK Download (latest version) for android and iOS users.  We have been familiar with the word sharing for a long time. Although it is used in many cases, it is very necessary for Android users. Sharing requires the use of separate software on the smartphone with which you can share everything you need.

EasyShare APK has the ability to send and receive files via Bluetooth or by scanning a QR code that is automatically generated. Show the code in the app to another person or use the scan button on your computer. This app lets you send and receive photos, games, documents, videos, and more in the most convenient way.

Usually, we save the necessary files, documents, or pictures on an Android device. However, there is a certain capacity to save on Android. When the amount is too much, it can no longer be saved. That’s why many of us save those saved files on a laptop or PC. Or you may need to take a file from a laptop or PC to a smartphone. File sharing may seem like a hassle to many, but it can be done easily. And for this, you must use accurate and good sharing software. Today I will discuss with you a sharing app that will give you an easy solution to any sharing.

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EasyShare APK

Description Of EasyShare APK

EasyShare File Transfer is a complete tool that allows you to share and receive files and apps in a very simple way on any other Android device or your smartphone. This is the easiest way to send any type of material without a weight limit or any kind of adjustment problem. If you simply want to send or receive any file, this is your application. Most of the apps currently available in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store are made exclusively for mobile platforms. But did you know that even if the official version of the PC platform is not available, you can still use one of your favorite apps on your laptop? Yes, it comes out with a few easy tricks that you can use to install Android apps on Windows machines.

Just select what you want to send to another device at the beginning of the file transfer. One of the advantages is that you can estimate how much space you will need in another terminal before sending files. Basically, EasyShare App Download APK allows you to do everything easily. The other person must open its UltraFast file transfer the way you would finish the process. A major selling point of this app is that you will see a complete list of everything stored when you open it on your device organized by category. As a result, the first window will show all your installed games and applications. It then displays music, pictures, videos, and other files one by one. So before jumping into it, let’s take a look at its technical features like Ultrafast File Transfer, No-Ad, and Free.

Top Features Of EasyShare

  • You can transfer and share all types of files via wireless LAN or Bluetooth.
  • You do not need any internet for sharing. Send whatever you want anytime and anywhere.
  • Experience lightning-fast transfer speeds for any sharing with EasyShare. Where speeds can be up to 40 Mb each second.
  • Any type of file can be transferred and shared without any size restrictions.
  • With just a few steps, you can safely transfer your content from your old phone to your new phone.

Download And Install EasyShare For iOS & Android

This wonderful sharing software supports your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices so that you can share anything as your desire.

You can check other content from our website for the details of the whole install process.

Additional Information:

Category General
Author Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd
Size 25.9 Mb
Op. System Android
Installs 86,214
Architecture armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a
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Download and install EasyShare APK to have a great sharing experience. All the download process is given very simply on our website.

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