Distance and area measurement Apk For Android

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Distance and area measurement Apk also measures the area of a region and the length of the path. To start measurement with it, wait until the GPS receiver is ready. When GPS is turned on then press Start. If the positioning is a little shaky at the beginning, click Restart as soon as it becomes stable. Download Distance and area measurement Apk from the button below.

Determining the size of the land is difficult or understandable for many. Because it has a lot of calculations of length and width which can seem like a lot of trouble. Yet there are times when it needs to be diagnosed. But in this digital age, you have a lot to do, even if you don’t know. Because with the Android phone in your hand, you can now do almost everything. In today’s post, I will discuss with you a simple and effective application for measuring.

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Distance and area measurement Apk

About Distance and area measurement Apk

Distance and Area Apk application is a good application for measuring distance and area for land. But you need to turn on GPS to get the application to your location automatically. Then you can easily calculate the area. Many features of this app are well developed with older distances measuring distance area.

With the Field Area Measure Apk, you only need to enter 2 points. There is also a distance-measuring app on the meter with which the meter can be easily measured. Since the application will automatically calculate and return results with the m2 default unit. For this, you can convert other units to m2, ha, ac, mi2, km, ft2, yd, yt, ft.

With Distance Area Apk, you can also make an area calculator for land by walking and walking distance measurement application. Keep the app running when you walk or drive in an area. This feature is at its best where with the help of technology GPS you can track the location of your land or any location you want to measure. All functions are free where it is considered as a product measuring distance Map Pro.

With the Distance area measurement Apk you turn on your GPS then you can choose the distance or area measurement feature. To do this, press at the beginning and move around your land. Then stop when the whole area land.

Features Of Distance and area measure Apk

  • You can calculate the distance on the map with the distance calculator.
  • The application will calculate the exact distance from the point for you by selecting multi-points on the map.
  • It works very well as a land area calculator and converter distance.
  • Walking distance and area measurement will be able to determine the land.
  • To measure the distance you only need to write 2 points with the measurement map.
Land Measurement Calculator
With its GPS Area Calculator, Distance Free Area Calculator Route Finder calculates the free GPS Area Calculator. This is the best tool for measuring GPS Fields Area, allowing you to choose between hybrid, terrain, satellite, and normal type maps.

Download Distance area Apk [Latest] For Android & iOS

The helpful and essential software Area and Distance measurement Apk easily supports all of your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Additional Information:

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Do I need to turn on GPS to use Distance area measurement Apk?
Yes! If you want to measure your land accurately and hassle-free, you must on GPS in your device.
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