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Avee Music Player Pro is a music app for listening to the best songs in all music formats. Music is something we always listen to, good or bad mood. Music cools our minds with the silence of its uninterrupted melody. All Android users have more or less their favorite songs on their devices. There are many times when we are working, listening to music or taking rest. But you will not find people who do not listen to music. In today’s post, I will write about software that is a music app rich in great features.

Most smart mobile phones currently made have a built-in music player. Of course, most of them come with basic and normal features. You need to install a third-party application if you want to get an amazing and better experience. APK Avee is a lightweight multimedia application that offers more uniqueness and suitable features than your default player. To improve the way you listen to music it has different features including an equalizer and visualizer. Read the full post to know more details about it and get the download link.

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Avee Music Player Pro

About Avee Music Player Pro

Avee Player Mod APK is a great music player with many features and a nice interface that takes up very little space on your device. It is capable of playing almost any type of audio file formats, such as WAV, OGG, MP3, AAC, and FLAC. This means that you can play songs of any format of your choice here. Also, you can create playlists and read other file formats such as plp, m3u, pla, mpcpl,m3u8, pls. As an alternative music player to your device, it should be one of your top choices. New users of Avee don’t have to worry about having to migrate to their music app before they can play. The app’s library contains a variety of folders, including everything, which automatically lists all music files on your mobile.

The library organizes your music into different categories such as artists, albums, and genres. You can create your playlist or view songs in folders on Avee Music Player Pro Mod APK. The most distinctive and interesting aspect of this player is its size. With a file size of less than 5MB, you can use all your resources. Complete with a full-featured equalizer, you can listen to all the music on your device. It has a built-in timer, which lets you turn off your music and manage the app via Bluetooth. There’s also a toggle feature that lets you personalize your audio visual to your liking. Since it supports the most popular media formats, you can play any music file without audio conversion.

Top Features Of Avee

  • You can easily export the visualizer as an HD video file.
  • Read playlists and save in mpcpl, pla, pls, plp, m3u8, m3u formats.
  • You can browse any access folder directly with folder shortcuts.
  • It nicely supports media and blue-tooth control.
  • This awesome music app has gap-less transitions and cross-fade.
  • It supports the most popular media formats to listen to all music comfortably.
  • It also has an option of UI color skins.
  • There are searchable libraries, files, and rows for all types of music search.
  • It has important status bar widgets and a lock screen.

Download And Install Avee For iOS & Android

This Avee music player easily supports your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to secure all your data and file.

Our site always offers to install processes and details for all apps. You can check the details and features from other content.

Additional Information:

Category Audio
Language English & 44 More
Size 9.79 Mb
Op. System Android
Installs 1,519,267
Author Daaw Aww
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Download Avee Music Player Pro on your device to hear and keep your music properly.

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